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                        Welcome to the Discordians of PoEE's guild site.

        Our guild is a close group of friends that enjoy experiencing what Rift has to offer through grouping, exploring and rifting. We PVP from time to time but are by no means hardcore PVPers and we are also not hardcore raiders either. We just play casually and dont have strict rules on how often people play or anything. We formed this guild to be a safe, fun and friendly place to get together with others that are like minded. So if you are looking for a family friendly guild that understands we all have lives outside this game, then you found your place and we will welcome you in.

        Our guild is level 8, closing in on level 9 soon. We have master craftsmen in just about every craft and are working on getting the plaques to get the item set recipies. We are running crafting rifts as often as we can to get crafting items for our guild members. We use Teamspeak 3 for our communication and it is hosted and administrated locally so issues can be repaired fairly quickly if needed.

        We are currently looking for casual, fun players to fill out our 20 man raid group. Currently we have about 12-15 level 50 members but we would like to find another 5 to 10 others so we can have a full group when we run these without having to pug the rest of our raid. We are working at getting our members geared up for Tier 1 raids by running T1 and T2 dungeons and doing expert rifts for gear.

               If you have any questions feel free to drop Gradorik (leader), Aleya (Second in command), Fistbam (Officer), Taygo (Officer) a line in game and we will answer your questions. Looking forward to having you join our ranks, so come in and sit down and enjoy a pint or two before we head out to fight.



Guild News

New members.. Welcome

Karban01, Sep 2, 11 10:56 AM.
I would like to take the time to welcome the newest members to our guild. Bigxmac has been recruiting big time and living up to his name.. He has recruited 4 level 50's as of last night. I might not remember all the names or spellings but if I remember correctly we have 2 warriors, a cleric and a mage that he brought into the guild and I am totally looking forward to running with them in T2's and T1's. We are getting close to filling out a 20 man raid and we have atleast 15 solid people we can start maybe doing 10 man stuff soon..

So I want everyone to welcome our new members to the guild and make them feel welcome. Get a chance to invite them to groups and questing so we can all get familiar with one another.. And happy hunting all..

Gradorik ( Tuathal )

New level 50's

Karban01, Aug 30, 11 10:33 AM.
I want to congradulate all of our newly level 50's. We have a pretty good start of our core players. And we have some really up and coming members that are not that far from 50 themselves. Lets help our members out as much as we can so we can start doing things together as a guild as often as possible. Looking at some raids coming up in the next month I am hoping.

We have ran quite a few T1 dungeons for our new level 50's and lets keep this going I want everyone to be helping out and getting gear it not only helps these people also helps out the guild. I am proud of the cooperation we have been getting from our members and how willing we all are at helping so lets keep it up.

we have a solid tank in Bigxmac, clerics in Aleya and Ladyanactra and Uwege, rogue in Shadraz and Fistbam and Rostan (up and coming), and finally mages in Helagon and Braddock and Taygo. And including me as either Cleric healing, dps or tank or I could play my rogue for DPS, tank or support and we have 11 solid members that are 50 or close to 50. I know there are others that are close or getting close to 40+ so we are well on our way. Keep up the good work all.. And thanks to everyone..

First Dungeon Hour event was a success!

B.A.M, Aug 11, 11 11:49 PM.
I am happy to announce that the first dungeon hour event was a success. We had balanced group of clerics, dps freaks, and a kick ass tank run through the Fall of Lantern Hook this evening for a full hour of asskickery. My thanks to those who joined in. There will be more of these to come in the future as we continue on our journey to become lvl 50. Watch the calender for updates as well as the guild's MOTD for updates on new events. 

If you have any question's, feel free to get in touch with me either in game or by message.

Happy hunting ;)
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